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For all health professionals wanting the latest information, to contribute to debate and to share best practice as well as support one another and protect our future selves.

This whole notion of protecting your future self has never been as important for health workers as it is right now, so for now we are focussing on the things that will help you get through this. Things like mental well-being, like leading through forced change and coping with uncertainty.

Most of all right now we will be holding space for you to pause, to talk and  to find strength in togetherness.

For some years we have been committed to creating, curating and sharing information about mobility, decondition and, of course, #EndPJparalysis activities.

To bring this together in one place we created The Movement Movement, which was due to launch around the same time as the enormity of Covid-19 started to become apparent. So we held off.

Part of the frailty campaign has always been around looking after your future self, and after considerable thought we decided to share The Movement Movement content anyway and to broaden it out to support you in looking after your future self by including topics around mental well-being, leading in uncertain times, and coping with sudden change as well as relevant deconditioning, frailty and mobility issues.

For now, we feel that short videos, weekly access to live online meet ups with Brian, myself and guest experts, and a library of resources you can access at any time is the best way to make this available. Although its shape will undoubtedly evolve when we emerge from the current situation.

This membership group is for all health professionals wanting to source information, contribute to debate and connect with others to share best practice, as well as support one another. All you need to do to join is register below and we’ll see you in there.

Lynda and Brian