Global Summit 2022

The evidence is in - we know moving is good for you, yet every minute, every day people lie in hospital beds deconditioning – this can have life changing impact.

The EndPJParalysis Membership creates a forum for nurses, therapists, doctors and health support staff to connect and talk about encouraging mobility and preventing harm. Individuals and organisations are invited to join free of charge – let’s #EndPJparalysis together.

Why #EndPJparalysis is Important...

#EndPJparalysis has become a global movement embraced by nurses, therapists and medical colleagues. Its aim: to value patients’ time and help more people to live the richest, fullest lives possible by reducing immobility, muscle deconditioning, and dependency at the same time as protecting cognitive function, social interaction and dignity.

Many of the people we care for are in their last 1000 days and they are the very people who do not have time to waste. Yet they are the people who are most likely to get stuck in our hospital systems due to their complex health and social needs.

There is plenty of evidence that immobility in hospital leads to deconditioning, loss of functional ability and cognitive impairment, all of which have the potential to increase a patient’s length of stay, using up their valuable time. One of the major impacts of the #EndPJparalysis campaign has been the focus on both the individual and the organisational impact of ‘staying in bed’.

Patients’ time is the most valuable currency in healthcare. Let’s make every minute count

Professor Brian Dolan, OBE


The dates for this year's summit are 13th-14th July.

To be kept updated and to be notified of the programme once finalised, register your interest in the 2022 Summit Here

Not yet! We will release the programme a bit closer to the summit but if you have registered, we will email to you as soon as it's ready!

Same as last year we are using Zoom software to share the talks. Please check if you can access it via your organisation as it may require a simple download. You can, of course, choose to use your own personal phones/tablets/computers to watch all and any session for free.

You can rewatch last year's Global Summit by joining the EndPJParalysis membership area by clicking here 

#EndPJparalysis Challenge 

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Thanks for my badge @ReconGamesUK 🥳

💙 #rehablegend
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💙 #endpjparalysis - all fantastic in improving #patientrehabilitation and #patientexperience 👊

Mrs Y consent given; playing skittles. Get Up and Keep Moving..#A524.....@ReconGamesUK @Coxj2Cox @jodysaunders90 @HayleyLong18 @ThushanthyPrasa @uhbwNHS #EndPJparalysis @BrianwDolan

How Welsh colleagues are operationalising the evidence base to prevent deconditioning - #endpjparalysis embedded in practice rather than on posters on walls says @_siobhanlewis #bgsconf

Ward 1 at BGH @LivHospitals testing impact of actively encouraging patients to sit out of bed at meal time. Over 80% of all able patients sat out of bed eating at least one meal every day, with all patients saying its helping their recovery. Well done to all #endpjparalysis #QI

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